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Pure Herbal Extracts
This array of Pure Herbal Extracts is suitable for treating various medical conditions. These Plant Extracts have been produced from dehydrated fruit juice, flower petals, roots, seeds, bars and other parts of medicinal plants. Pure content and long storage life are their main aspects.
Natural Herbal Extracts
Natural Herbal Extracts offered by us have been processed under controlled temperature. These herbal substances are required to produce ayurvedic medicines. Tried and tested composition of such drugs is useful for treating anxiety, stress, fatigue, diabetes etc.
Organic Herbal Extracts
Organic Herbal Extracts provided by us have significant role in treating various health conditions like diabetes, respiratory ailments, chronic fever etc. These are also used to cure pain of legs and back part of human body.
Nutraceuticals Raw Materials
Nutraceuticals Raw Materials have vital role in treating numerous health complications associated with gastrointestinal disorders, cold and flu, vomiting and indigestion to name a few. Provided in air tight packets of different quantities, these materials are cost effective and these provide long lasting result.
Medicinal Herbal Extract
Medicinal Herbal Extract acts as the reliable and cost effective solution for a number of health complications that include diarrhea, obesity and hemorrhoids and so on. This hygienically processed herb based substance is offered in different packaging quantities. It can be stored for longer duration.
Essential Oils
Offered range of Essential Oils are useful for treating numerous hair and skin conditions. Suitable for all skin types, these oils have been processed via cold pressed and steam distillation methodologies from leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds of medicinal plants.
Ratio Extract
Ratio Extract is basically concentrated fluid obtained from selected quality plants, shrubs and cactus. Known for its high therapeutic value, this extract is useful to deal with high blood pressure, inflammation and other ailments. Cost effectiveness, pure composition and easy availability are its main attributes.
Spray Dried Powders
Spray Dried Powders act as cost effective solutions for improving appearance and taste of salads, ice creams and beverages. Free from harmful ingredients, these have been prepared from fresh vegetables, leaves and fruits by adopting spray drying technology. These Natural Herbal Powders are offered in different packaging forms.
Food Ingredients
Provided range of Food Ingredients is used to formulate dietary supplements, medicines, food grade additives and beauty care products. Free from adverse elements, these cost effective ingredients have been prepared from flowers, leaves and fruits of selected herbal shrubs and plants.
Natural Food Colours
Our collection of Natural Food Colors has been prepared from the extracts of vegetables, fruits, leaves and stems of plants and shrubs. These act as the healthy versions of artificial food colors for their natural sources. These are cost effective and have long shelf life.
Sea Buckthorn Products
Seabuckthorn Products have been obtained from special variety of berry that grows in Himalayan area. High nutritional content, long storage life, hygienic processing method, side effect free content, proven health benefits and cost effectiveness are the main factors of these products.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the core component in medications, responsible for their therapeutic effects. Meticulously synthesized and rigorously tested, APIs meet stringent quality standards to ensure efficacy and safety. They form the backbone of pharmaceutical formulations, delivering precise and targeted treatment for various medical conditions.

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